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Love you so much it makes me sick.

snoopcass asked: Completely random, but, have you ever found a clip of the band being interviewed outside somewhere (probably around 1992/1993), talking about the difference in sounds between their Nevermind and In Utero albums? Kurt I believe is wearing glasses and has his shirt pulled halfway up his head and makes a really adorable smirk/comment about how he thinks the new record (In Utero) will cause them to lose a lot of the fans they gained for Nevermind. Thank you :)

Anonymous asked: Have you ever seen the "Kurt and Courtney" documentary? Because I am watching it now and I feel like it is such BS and the people they interview for it are completely irrelevant to anything doing with them

Eh yeah I didn’t really like that documentary either.

gingerclara asked: Your latest post is just awesome.


Anonymous asked: Hey I don't know you, And this is crazy... But we like Nirvana... Let's make out maybe?


Anonymous asked: I would bang Kurt Cobain every day of the week and twice on Sundays. ♡♡♡