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Love you so much it makes me sick.

Anonymous asked: I'm pretty sure Tate was supposed to be a teen in the 90's and he actually talks about Nirvana a few times.


Anonymous asked: Do you like AHS?

Yeah. Actually was excited about the next season but now that I know killer clowns will probably be involved um not so much. 

Anonymous asked: Oh yeah. The sweaters and the smile and the hair. Not the whole school/murder/rapist thing.

Yeah, I agree with the sweaters. 

Anonymous asked: Have you noticed how Tate from American Horror Story kind of resembles Kurt Cobain. A lot.

Uh the sweaters? Not the whole school shooter/rapist/murderer thing. 

Anonymous asked: 90's Dave is literally all i want in life (well any Dave is but 90's Dave is A+++)

Hahah all dave all day

Anonymous asked: Do you have any pictures of teenage Kurt you could post?? That would be great. Thanks!

Just reblogged some. 


Sid killed Courtney, Yoko broke up Nirvana and Nancy shot John Lennon.

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