Love you so much it makes me sick.

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hcbrandon asked: Awesome! My cousin is Cameron Crowe, their bassist.

Shit that’s cool dude! They’re great live.

hcbrandon asked: Saw you like some of the Burger bands, do you like Audacity?

Yes! I’ve seen them twice! Yeaaah.


krist novoselic and his vagina cupcakes

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Anonymous asked: cuomo is a dick

Ah duuuude the first time I met him he was so nice but it was probably because he was high and the second time he was eh.

itsnotjordan250 asked: What other bands do you like other than Nirvana? I know Nirvana's the best but... ^.^ I personally listen to: Green Day, Bring Me The Horizon, Gorrilaz, Nine Inch Nails, Asking Alexandria etc. I am a grunger and a metalist :3 So You?

Playboy manbaby, fidlar, the orwells, cage the elephant, alt j, twin peaks, the coathangers, cherry glazzer, black lips, the vaccines, los saicos.
These are just recent ones. But yeah.