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Love you so much it makes me sick.

kamryn1421 asked: Seeing everyone's face when they ask me what music I listen to and I say classic rock is priceless. And my moms getting mad that I'm obsessed with a guy who killed himself

Hah cool. 

Anonymous asked: Can you post photos where they are in front of the 'men don't protect you anymore' sign, please? Love your blog btw

Yeah and good. :)

creepykitteh asked: Fav nirvana song? Mines come as you are 😋😋

Allll. I can’t pick. Pennyroyal Tea for today.

alas-depastilla asked: Kurt's hair ir was really blonde ir ir was brown. Pleaseeee i wanna know

I don’t understand but. As a kid Kurts hair was really blonde but it darkened somewhat to a dirty blonde. He dyed it brown though along with other colors.